Compilation into One Booklet:The Stories & Wisdom that have Emerged From The Co-creation Research Community

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Together with you, I want to create a future in which countless miracles will happen.

For over 10 years, Co-cree! and it’s 300 peers have been continuing field tests on the conditions and processes
that bring about transformation. In 100 years, about which people would look back and say,
“History changed from there”.

The origin of the name “Co-cree!” is from the word “co-creation.”
Co-creation emerges when a diverse group of people put their titles aside,
become connected through their common roots as their whole selves,
and organically move together - not based on plans but following their flowing energy.

We are at an important crossroad of eras.
So, we’ve created the “Co-cree! Hundred-Color Picture Scroll”
to share the wisdom of
co-creation with people all over Japan and all over the world.

I’d be happy if you could read this together with your precious like-minded peers.

Ai Sanda | Founder, Co-cree!

ABOUT For Those Who Are New to Us:
The Three Characteristics of Co-cree!

Research Community to Study
the “Science of the Miracle” of
Together, the Co-cree! community studies the conditions and processes of self-transformation as well as systems transformations with government officials, farmers, business executives, university professors, artists, and mayors from all over Japan.
【“Co-cree! studies the science of miracles” Haruo Miyagi, President, NPO ETIC】
A Body of Social Activity
That Begins with No Pre-Defined Issues by Connecting through Common Roots
There are no pre-defined issues to be solved in Co-cree! events. A unique variety of initiatives and transformations have emerged as a result of members connecting with oneself, as well as with others through common roots.
【“Unique in the world” DIAMOND Harvard Business Review】
Changing Oneself
Instead of Changing Society
We begin by changing oneself, instead of trying to change society. We do this by separating society and its issues apart from oneself. Like a ripple, the transformations that occur spread to the team, organization, community, and then across society.
A future beyond expectations begins with self-transformation.

CONTENTS Quick Preview of 
Hundred-Color Picture Scroll

Co-cree!’s Hope & Worldview

A future beyond expectations emerges when each one of us becomes connected to our wishes in the depth of our roots, and fully harness our gifts and talents. We want to create a future in which infinite miracles of co-creation happen, together with you.

The Principles of Co-creation

“To connect with your roots (your underlying wishes at the deepest level), and to connect with others through common roots.” These are our fundamental premise and guiding principles to realize co-creation. We’ve been cherishing these principles ever since starting our activities 10 years ago.

Wisdom from Research on Co-creation:
What Makes a Community or Society Drastically Change?

To change our future in 100 years, we have been conducting field tests all over Japan with our 300 members, to realize co-creation. The conditions and processes that bring about collective inspiration, discovered through our 10 years of research and development, are creatively described with illustrations and charts.

Three Case Examples: Changes to Individuals, Community, and Society

1) Naoki Ota, former advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, experienced self-transformation and now strives for social transformation while overcoming obstacles.
2) The story of “moving the mountain” in Kurokawa Onsen, Minamioguni, Kumamoto: Co-cree!’s starting point.
3) Hosting spaces to enable co-creation and a future beyond expectations in Ama Town, Shimane.

Members Who Have Studied
Co-creation Together

Our members come from many backgrounds. From mayors, university professors, corporate managers, governmental officials, farmers, social entrepreneurs, leaders of non-profit organizations, to artists all over Japan. Our research community of 300 people is a microcosm of society to explore the conditions and process of co-creation.

Three Principles to Create
Fertile Soil for Co-creation

What we especially value is the creation of fertile soil. Co-cree! has adopted the concepts of natural farming to community building. Just as crops will grow by themselves when an optimum environment for vegetation is nurtured, we believe the same is true for co-creation. Here are some examples of “future beyond expectations” that emerged for the members of Co-cree!.

The Co-cree! Genealogical Tree: Classification of Pieces of Wisdom on Co-creation from around the World into 12 Pillars

We have compiled and classified techniques and concepts for co-creation from different parts of the world, which were initially separated in the past, into 3 streams and 12 pillars. The video called “Co-cree! Genealogical Tree” contains the summary of these achievements.

More on the
“Co-cree! Genealogical Tree” here▼

FUTURE OF Co-cree! MEMBERS Real Stories of
Future Beyond Expectations 
Emerging for Co-cree! Members

“Valleys of the Wind”:
An Alternative to the Urban-Centered Future
At the Co-cree! event in 2017,
a phrase came down to me suddenly like a thunderbolt: “Create Valleys of the Wind.
Ever since then, I’ve put much of my time and energy into creating an alternative to an urban-centered future.
Kazuto Ataka Professor, Keio University
CSO, Yahoo Japan Corporation
The “Teal Organization” Encounter and Introducing the Concept as a Specialist
I became connected with my roots through Co-cree! and decided to take a year off. I encountered the concept of “Teal Organization” during my sabbatical. This caused a paradigm shift in my life.
Kenshu Kamura Specially Appointed Assoc. Professor, Tokyo Inst. of Technology
CEO, home’s vi
Organizing “Learn by Creation”
- An Education Event with 2,500 People
The biggest discovery from
Co-cree! was learning my previously unverbalized wishes, and knowing the pain of the old paradigm, which was important for a systems transformation. Organizing the event “Learn by Creation” with 2,500 teachers, parents, students, as well as representatives of non-profit organizations, and local governments, was precisely a future beyond expectations for me.
Emi Takemura Co-Founder & Representative Director, FutureEdu Tokyo

TESTIMONIALS “Co-cree! Hundred-
Color Picture Scroll”

Takashi Yamada Chief, Regional Revitalization Section, Shiojiri City / Representative, nanoda Anyone who would like to try something new in their home town or local community must read this. In the five years since I started putting the wisdom of Co-cree! into practice, the online community “Hack the City Hall,” and the local revitalization program “Michikara” with citizens private companies and City Hall, came into existence. If you have any questions after reading the booklet, please do come visit me.
Takashi Fujimura CEO, Social Venture Partners Tokyo The impressions that the
Co-cree! Hundred-Color Picture Scroll” made on me vastly changed the following few months. The necessity to connect deeply to oneself, and to see into the future with peers, suddenly emerged for everyone. But it’s alright. Hints for practice, and hope are already here.
As a manager of a non-profit organization, and as a father of two, I’ll still read the booklet once in every while.
Hideo Miura Executive Officer, Wilson Learning Worldwide, Inc. / Founder, Cross-border Leadership I’d like to give the booklet to all who aim to create new values.
It's filled with hope and wisdom to co-create the world you wish for, while crossing borders and still remaining true to your beautiful intentions. Please contact me if you encounter any obstacles or conflict on your journey to realize your business. I want to be a close peer with you in overcoming difficulties to create harmony in the world.
Naoki Ota Representative Director, New Stories / Policy Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Changes in history and society are not created by great minds;
it is actually much more complicated. Changes that seem small at first will gradually expand. Do you think: “Yet, isn’t the reality right in front of us another thing?” I hope this booklet finds those who have this question. You would surely find the courage to take a step forward, and a star to look up to when you get lost.
Naoko Oshima Architect, Youbi Co., Ltd. / Representative, Nishiawakura Whole-Village Lab What I cherish the most in my work in local communities and as an architect is to create a community beyond the boundaries of titles, places of work, generations, and differences. Co-cree! is like secret magic, where people who used to find each other difficult to get along with can become close peers.
I believe that “Hundred-Color Picture Scroll” will be a trigger to drastically change our future.
Tomonori Yamakawa Director, Hitokara Media Co., Ltd. / Representative, Nami to Kaze The theme of “work place and the way of working,” that I have been working in the past 10 years, is facing a time of great change right now. We can’t create the future with the information we get every day, or the familiar ways of view and thinking. I’d like to start over by valuing connecting to my roots, and to connect with others through roots, while taking the “Co-cree! Hundred-Color Picture Scroll” as a guide.

VIDEO The Co-cree!
Genealogical Tree
The 3 Streams and 12 Pillars of
to Enable Co-creation and
to Create a Future Beyond

The “Co-cree! Genealogical Tree” is the result of our research on co-creation
over the past 10 years.
It is a compilation of the wisdom of co-creation from all over the world.

The video “Co-cree! Genealogical Tree” features and classifies techniques and concepts for
co-creation such as system sensing, wholeness, dialogue, backcasting, etc.
In the past, these concepts were traditionally considered separately.

We also recommend the commentary and book list on
“The 3 Streams and 12 Pillars of Wisdom” for those who would like to know and learn more on each subject.

Co-cree! Genealogical Tree
Commentary & Book List

Co-cree!'s Activities & Emerging Stories in Video

Possibilities of co-creation
expanding throughout Japan
From “transformation as a must”
to “supple transformation”
A Co-cree! Story
Possibilities opening up through

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